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Just to recall, if you're unfamiliar with what an anthology is, it's a collection of literature, poems, and compositions for literature lovers. In this particular genre, the ghostwriter writes poems, poetries, and literary compositions to target a certain audience.

To simplify it more for you, the anthology is basically a disambiguation of short pieces that are later compiled under one publication so you can read them all in one book. Although all pieces reflect a single focused subject, there are different pieces combined together.

Since it falls under the fiction genre, an anthology collection of shorter works, such as short novels, short tales, poems, and so on, each by a separate and diverse author, combined under one publication. You won't find one story connected with another one as those are short pieces put together, but it will focus on one topic with different characters.

We love writing books for anthologies as it allows us to put our extreme creativity into it and come up with something unique yet interesting. Our clients have always heard good reviews from readers about our written anthology books, and we're constantly expanding our zone. However, every reader chooses a different choice of anthology book, so the audience for this genre is diversified.

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