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Comprehensive Online Book Publishing Services

After writing a book, you'd think the hard part is finally over. Not really. The real challenge is to publish it successfully, especially self-publish. It's time-consuming and energy-draining if not done correctly. Therefore, you need proper guidance and a fail-proof strategy to publish your book online.

Free Manuscript Proofreading and Editorial Review

Now, this must have grabbed your attention! Yes, we do offer a complimentary manuscript evaluation service to our clients. After reviewing your manuscript, we provide you with genuine feedback and suggestions on what to do next. This also includes tips on how to make your self-published book stand out for your readers.

Ready to Publish Editing and Formatting

Authors often worry about getting their manuscripts approved by publishers due to several factors. Therefore, our book editors meet the requirements of your publishers to get your manuscript approved in one go.

We take the initiative and deal with any challenges on your behalf. To achieve those significant outcomes, our publishing services will support you throughout the arduous procedure to provide you with the best results, above and above your expectations.

Critical Review

While writing your book, it must've taken a toll on your time and energy as it's a long process, and too much goes into creating a worthy draft. Now, it's obvious you can't judge your own work. Therefore, you need a critique to provide you with honest feedback. That's our job! Along with providing Amazon publishing services, we start by reviewing your manuscript thoroughly.

See Your Published Book on Major Digital Platforms

The relationship between an author and a ghostwriter is unique yet meaningful. From the beginning till the end, your ghostwriter will be there for you at every step. Even when your book is completely ready, our team also assists you in self-publishing on Amazon, Kindle, and many other digital platforms. Nothing comes with a guarantee, but our self-publishing services indeed come with the assurance of making their way to the shelves of best-selling books. Hence, our services go beyond your imagination.

  • Thorough reviewing
  • Formatting manuscript
  • Cover design & illustration
  • Self-publication assistance
  • E-book formatting & adaptions
  • Enhanced editing
  • Planning and guidance to meet the requirements


Our team of experienced and bestselling authors, ghostwriters and editors from multiple industries are frequently featured in the top-notch media for their remarkable expertise.


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