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American Writers Association is where we weave stories and bring words to life. We are not just your run-of-the-mill writing firm; we are wordsmiths who have this art mastered with our passion and dedication.


Our non-fiction ghostwriting services cater to a range of genres, including biographies, self-help, history, and more. We pride ourselves on creating content that not only educates and informs but also engages readers. Our ghostwriters are experts at transforming complex subjects into captivating, easy-to-understand narratives.


We're not just typists – we're skilled creators of compelling content. With a community of talented authors, we breathe life into your words. We serve as your Launchpad for a successful literary career, offering support to fuel your creativity. Whether its fiction or non-fiction, reach out to us, and we'll use our literary expertise to turn your work into bestsellers.


At the American Writers Association, we help writers go from wanting to achieve something to actually achieving it. We provide a place for writers from all backgrounds to improve their skills, make connections, and explore their creative abilities. With the help of expert guidance and our talented team, we encourage voices to turn into stories that have an impact, inspire, and leave a lasting impression.


At the American Writers Association, we don’t hope for miracles to happen on paper. We make them happen! We bridge the gap between ideas and masterpieces, thoughts and published books, whispers, and bestsellers. Our job is to arm the writers with the tools and aid necessary to finally make their dream of becoming a published author a reality.

Why Choose to Hire a Ghostwriter?

We can give you too many reasons to count, but let’s just stick to the ones that will sell for sure! Ghostwriters open a world of endless literary possibilities for you. They have the experience and skill necessary to transform your vision into words that are sure-shot sellers! They are master storytellers and storyweavers who can write narratives that make the audience crave more and more. Moreover, they have the skill to truly display your dreams in their reality, meaning your vision will be brought to reality in its purest essence. Then there’s grammatical perfection and editing that is fundamental for every book before it hits the market. Finally, ghostwriters are punctual (the ones at the American Writers Association sure are!) and deliver every project on time, every time. Hiring a ghostwriter is not a shortcut; and it’s an investment in your lasting success as a published author.

Our Unparalleled Ghostwriting Services

Why settle for mediocrity when you have the best in the industry available to you only a few clicks away? Our ghostwriters have decades of experience that make them beyond extraordinary. Think rocket scientists, but think of the literary world. We have the prowess to elevate your content to an extraordinary level. From extraordinary strategies to research so deep it will put Mariana Trench to shame, we are magicians who will leave your jaw hanging in amazement at the wonders we can pull off! It’s not writing for us; it’s a meticulous attempt at building the platform for your success. The entire practice is not only seamless, but it is collaborative and, above all, impressive! Oh, and don’t forget transparency, which is our No.1 policy, but it’s only 2nd to confidentiality, so you can have complete faith that your dealing with us will never see the light of day!


Tailored Solution for Every Niche!

Ghostwriting is not limited to stories, and it has a broad scope that covers all formats of writing. From memoirs to autobiographies and all formats of fiction and non-fiction, we cover it all! So whether you are an entrepreneur with a business book idea or an aspiring novelist on the verge of writing the next Great Gatsby, we have the team that will bring your vision to life and craft compelling content, making sure your unique vision is brimming with life.



Finding the right ghostwriter is about more than just filling a blank page. It's about entrusting your vision to a skilled partner who will translate your voice and ideas into powerful text. American Writers Association stands out from the rest, but the question is, how? Well, here’s how…

  • A shared experience of over three decades!
  • Knowledge of all the key areas and practices
  • Nothing but the best of the best!
  • Unlimited revisions until your satisfaction
  • On-call discussion to efficiently understand all the requirements
  • Delivery of a detailed and meticulously drafted project scope + outline
  • Remarkable customer service – 24/7 availability
  • Punctual delivery every time!
  • We take up all the responsibilities – from planning to research and all the way to strategizing.
  • Writing, editing, and proofreading – an all-in-one service!

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Our notable achievement is an accumulation of a vast clientele, which includes best-selling authors, novelists, business executives, publishing houses, celebrities, and many more in such a short amount of time. This has been made possible only due to our impeccable dedication, commitment to our craft and clients, and hosting a team that stands unrivaled in their ability to write powerful words that shake the minds of the readers, leaving a lasting impact!

Our team is indeed our greatest achievement and our pride and joy. They have enabled the American Writers Association to deliver exceptional results with a perfect track record of punctuality and satisfied clients. It is due to the faith our clients have in us that we have become a leader in the industry despite the cutthroat competition. Our steady commitment to excellence is what has enabled us to cultivate a diverse and thriving team that just keeps on winning!

Book Reviews

Polishing your book is like refining a diamond – it requires careful attention and can be quite intricate. But what if you had guidance along the way? At the American Writers Association, we provide free book reviews to help you figure out if your manuscript needs editing (whether it's developmental or line editing), proofreading, or a higher level of effort. Either way, you come out on top! We're your friendly book critics here to assist you in making your book even better. Our reviewers thoroughly examine your text, paying close attention to each line, spotting errors, and suggesting improvements.
Rest assured, the reviews are completely free and offer honest, constructive feedback, actionable suggestions, and a fresh perspective to enhance your manuscript.


How We Create a Masterpiece

Creating a masterpiece is a tedious and tough journey that requires a spark of inspiration, transforming raw ideas into gleaming narratives that captivate readers and leave a lasting impact. It all starts with exploring any and all possibilities, composing words that are yearning to be heard, stories eager to be told.


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Then there’s the spirit of collaboration, not just with the clients but within the teams, creating a dynamic chemistry. Then comes authentic research to empower your narrative and make it as realistic as possible. Add a dash of feedback and rigorous revisions, revealing the gem hidden within.


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We have created lasting relationships with our esteemed clients,
enabling us to garner some awesome reviews. Read them and decide for yourself how cool we are!


- Michael E. -Aspiring Writer

I was stuck in a rut with my manuscript, unsure where to take it. The Association's free review was a game-changer! Their insightful feedback pinpointed my weak spots and offered actionable suggestions that revitalized my story. It was like someone turned on a new light in my creative world.


- Sarah L. -Novelist

I had a story bubbling in my brain but lacked the time and skills to bring it to life. The American Writers Association's ghostwriters were my miracle workers! They captured my voice perfectly, crafting a captivating novel that exceeded my wildest dreams. Now, I'm a published author, all thanks to their talent and dedication.


- David C. -Non-Fiction Author

My manuscript was good, but I knew it could be great. The Association's editors honed my sentences, tightened my pacing, and unearthed the emotional depth of my characters. Their meticulous feedback and guidance pushed me to become a better writer, and the final product is a literary gem I'm fiercely proud of.



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